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Attention recyclers, problems at Lexington’s Recycle Center

Recently, medical waste has increasingly caused problems at Lexington’s Recycle Center. The presence of medical waste causes serious safety issues for employees working the line, in addition to material being sent to the landfill, which could have been recycled.

When medical waste is on the sorting line, all the material that is in the process of being sorted is cleared from the line, sent to the landfill, and employees no longer touch the material. The equipment is examined and, if necessary, decontaminated. An incident with medical waste can cause work of the Recycle Center to stop for several hours. Along with the safety factor, this also helps ensure that the Recycle Center doesn’t send contaminated bales to a buyer.

The problem is serious, yet the solution is simple. Medical waste is not recyclable. Dispose of it properly by putting it with biohazard or landfill-bound waste.

Central Kentucky is passionate about recycling, but it’s important that participants recycle right. More information about recycling can be found at LexingtonKY.gov/Recycling.



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