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Photo by Paul Martin
The Lexington School celebrates 10th Anniversary of Learning Center

In November last year, The Lexington School celebrated the 10th year of their Learning Center with a featured speaker, Dean Bragonier, the founder of Noticeability.org.

The Learning Center is a program for students with language-based learning differences also known as dyslexia.

Click here, to read more about the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Learning Center.

Photo by Paul Martin.


Beaumont Middle School Teachers Recognized for Excellence

LaDonda Porter was recognized as the 2019 Southern District Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year.

Anna Sullinger received the 2019 NATFACS Award of Merit from the National Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences.


Dunbar High School Student Awarded National Merit

Rachel Seevers of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School was awarded the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award in 2019. She designed, built, and tested an energy-efficient prototype of an underwater propulsion device that mimics the way jellyfish move through the water. The award is for $50,000.

“The device that I developed in this research is truly the manifestation of many aspects of my life coming together… About a year ago I was able to tour a U.S. Navy base where they conducted research on submarines and underwater submersibles. I was completely fascinated by the work they were doing and began to wonder exactly how submarines worked. Along the way, I found out that much of our ocean is left unexplored and unknown to humankind, and the curiosity that accompanies the pursuit of the unknown has always motivated me… I thought maybe there was a way to apply my research on aircraft to submersibles, as water is a fluid nonetheless, just one with a little bit different properties than air.”



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