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Good Foods Co-op Offers Healthy, Local Food for All

Good Foods Co-op

Offering Healthy, Local Food for All


“Local” is a powerful word that’s taken seriously at Good Foods Co-op.  It’s at the center of their story and mission. Founded 48 years ago by a group of Lexington college students who wanted to know where their food came from, how it was made, and who was making it, the Co-op has been working closely with Kentucky Proud farmers and producers ever since—hundreds of them, to be exact.

Why is that connection to local “makers” and food important? Folks at the Co-op believe that making those connections with your food leads you to better flavor, better nutrition and a deepened sense of community. Just ask anyone who has tried that first vegetable of the season from their own garden. It just tastes better! Even for those with black thumbs, there are farmers all over Central Kentucky doing the hard work for you. You can establish that connection with the land by getting to know them—they’re frequently handing out samples or dropping off the morning’s harvest at the Co-op.

Haven’t been before? Good Foods Co-op is the only community-owned, cooperative grocery store and café in the state of Kentucky, truly embodying the meaning of sharing a “commonwealth”, where everyone is welcome to shop and eat. Located just a hop, skip and a jump away from Beaumont, they’re a staple on Southland Drive. With nearly 8,500 current owners, Good Foods is answerable only to those shoppers, not to board rooms and corporate interests in other states or countries, allowing them to focus their work in ways that benefit our community and local producers.

That includes rounding up at the register for a different charitable organization each month, offering classes and events at the Co-op, and going into the community to teach the basics of nutrition and wellness. Good Foods Co-op proudly offers the Kentucky Double Dollars program (one of few grocers in the state to do so), which allows those on food assistance programs to double up their haul on locally-grown produce. Did you know they take EBT? In-store programs like Fill It Fresh and Co-op Basics also make shopping for fresh, organic, and local food affordable for all budgets.

We are so lucky to live where we do, as Kentucky produces plentiful fruits and vegetables, fresh-from-the-farm eggs and dairy, and an assortment of humanely-raised meats, just to name a few. The Co-op not only offers a year-round selection of these local products, they also like to use them in their made-from-scratch dishes offered in the grab and go section and also in the café. Of course, all these dishes taste so much better with good company to share them with, and you can do just that for a great price! The Co-op’s $5 Community Dinners take place in the café on the last Friday of each month, where everything on their hot bar is just $5 per pound, 5-9 pm.

Stop by the Co-op to grab a bite, pick up some groceries, and build community, all while finding out what “local” really means!

Good Foods Co-op is located at 455 Southland Drive.

Store Hours: open 8 am – 10 pm every day

Cafe Hours: open 8 am – 9 pm every day



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