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Home Improvement and grocery stores limiting customers throughout Lexington

grocery stores life-sustaining

On April 8, Governor Beshear made an executive order limiting the amount of members in a household that can go into a grocery or home improvement store. How are they going to regulate? Which stores?

Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and Lowe’s have all announced that they are limiting the number of customers that can walk through their doors at a time.

Kroger is limiting their customer intake to 1 person per 120 square feet (normally 1 person per 60 square feet). To monitor the number of customers per square foot in its stores, Kroger is going to utilize their QueVision technology. This is a technology the grocery store already uses to count customers entering and exiting stores.

grocery stores life-sustainingWalmart is another big name store to begin limiting the amount of customers that come through their doors. Depending on the size of each Walmart, they are only allowing 5 customers in the store per 1,000 square feet. Once the store has reached “capacity”, customers will have to wait in line until others begin to leave.

Home Depot has not come out to say how many can enter at a time or how to regulate, just that they will be limiting amount of customers entering. To help with distancing for those already in the store, Home Depot will be placing social distancing markers near cash registers, social distancing signage around the store, and will periodically make PA announcements throughout the day to keep a safe distance.

In a statement, Target is limiting the amount of shoppers allowed in all stores to help with social distancing. They will also provide non-surgical face masks and gloves for their employees to wear during their shift.

Lowe’s is only allowing 150 customers through their doors at a time. There is an employee located at the entrance counting who comes in and an employee at the exit counting who has left.



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