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Is Fayette Mall in Lexington opening their doors during Phase One

Fayette Mall

Retail will be able to open their doors on Wednesday, May 20 in the Lexington area. Does this include Fayette Mall? If so, will all stores reopen?

Fayette Mall will open their doors along with other retailers throughout the Lexington area, but not all businesses inside the largest Kentucky mall will open. Some retail stores will remain closed until they are comfortable to open up again.

Fayette MallThe Apple Store is a big retailer that will not open on May 20.

With the opening, there will be guidelines for mall staff when walking through the doors.

Staff must wear masks while in common areas, public spaces, or near another individual. Vendors and contractors will also be required to wear masks in common areas or near customers.

Prior to their shift, all employees of the mall must get their temperature taken and if it is at 100.4F or higher and/or are experiencing any symptoms, they will be asked to return home and seek their healthcare provider.

The mall will increase the frequency of cleaning and have more hand sanitizer stations made available throughout.

The children’s play area and all other common spaces will be closed. The mall will limit the amount of seating in the food court to comply with social distancing.

As of now, the hours of operation will be Monday – Saturday 11 am until 7 pm and Sunday is from noon until 6 pm.


For a list of other retailers opening on May 22, click here.

What else will open during Phase one?

What is to open during Phase two?



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