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Mayor Linda Gorton Names Top Government Leaders

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Mayor Linda Gorton has named most of her Commissioners. These are the positions that will lead specific government departments. “These people will ensure government services operate smoothly, efficiently and effectively,” Gorton said. “They also will be a force for innovation, accountability and transparency within City Hall.”

The positions are as followed:

  • Susan Speckert is the new Commissioner of Law. Speckert currently is head of Fayette Alliance which is a coalition dedicated to sustainable growth in Lexington through land-use advocacy, education, and research.
  • Geoff Reed as Commissioner of General Services. Geoff also served as Chief of Staff under Mayor Jim Gray, and has extensive experience in local, state and federal government. Returning Commissioner.
  • Ken Armstrong, a former Assistant Police Chief and Director of Code Enforcement, as Commissioner of Public Safety. Returning Commissioner.
  • Bill O’Mara, a leading member of the City’s financial team for many years, as Commissioner of Finance. Returning Commissioner.
  • Chris Ford, a former Councilmember with a background in city government and local nonprofit agencies, as Social Services Commissioner. Returning Commissioner.
  • Aldona Valicenti as Chief Information Officer. Valicenti has extensive experience in the public and private sector in information technology. Valicenti was the first CIO for the State of Kentucky. Returning Commissioner.

There is a plan to advertise for two positions: Commissioner of Planning, Preservation, and Development and Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works. Chief Administrator Officer Sally Hamilton is serving as acting commissioner for Planning and Charles Martin for Public Works.

Appointments and reappointments for all commissioners, Chief Information Officers, and the Chief Administrative Officer are subject to confirmation. These hearings are going to take place on January 17.



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