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Meet Cathy Davis, The Kentucky Farm Girl

Photo by Megan McCardwell

Meet Cathy Davis

The Kentucky Farm Girl



With Lexington being the Horse Capital of the World, it’s no wonder there’s a whole niche of bluegrass real estate dedicated to selling farms. Cathy Davis, with Kirkpatrick & Co, knows all about selling farms in the central Kentucky area.

Cathy grew up surrounded by farmland. She would ride horses and get into mischief with her two older brothers.

Cathy would try many adventures throughout her life — she raised thoroughbreds, owned a women’s clothing boutique, and a Bed & Breakfast — but it wasn’t until 1996 when she decided to try real estate.

Photo by Megan McCardwell

She grew up in a family filled with salespeople and that particular brand of hard work was instilled in her.

Cathy enjoys getting to know her clients and trying to find that perfect place for them to call home.

Why specialize? She says, “I think my niche is the farms. I know land, grasses, I know the areas in central Kentucky.”

She’s earned that niche. One time she and a fellow realtor were out in a field and noticed something headed their way. It was a bull. The area they ran to for their escape unfortunately had no cell service. They were pinned down in that spot for three hours. There are always memorable moments when it comes to working in real estate.

“I love when I sell a home to a first-time home buyer.”

Some of her real estate memories hit a lighter note. She tells us about the time she was supposed to pick up a client she’d never met on the way to show a property. Somewhere along the drive, she found out she picked up the wrong person.

On a personal level, Cathy is most proud of her family, particularly her three children. Zach owns Kirkpatrick & Co, Olivia is an interior designer, and Mercedes is a school teacher at Mary Queen.

For anyone interested in getting into the real estate business, Cathy has two words for you, hard work. “A lot of people don’t realize it, but it is a lot of hard work.”

She recommends that anyone starting out in real estate should be prepared to work 24/7 and be on-call for clients 7 days a week.

As much as she loves the sprawling horse farms and estates, one of her most rewarding experiences is when she helps a first-time home buyer find their perfect starter home. “They are the most grateful, appreciative, they are so excited.” Also, after being in the real estate business for over 20 years, the children of her clients are coming to her to help them buy their own home. Moments like these remind her of why she began this career in the first place.

Contact Cathy Davis at 859.806.9444 or cathy@movetolex.com.



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