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Meet Councilmember Amanda Bledsoe of the 10th District

Councilmember Bledsoe at the Southland Street Fair.

10th District

Meet Councilmember Amanda Bledsoe

Tenth district councilmember Amanda Bledsoe “was raised in the 10th district,” but “first moved to Beaumont in 2005, primarily because of the quality of the schools, parks, and trails. The quick access to the Bluegrass Airport was a great bonus.”

She is in her third term as the city council member representing Lexington’s 10th district. Having served on the urban county council since 2015, she describes herself with great pride as “a fourth generation 10th district resident,” adding, “the area is very sentimental and really special to me.”

(pictured let to right) Councilmember Amanda Bledsoe, General Services Commissioner Geoff Reed, and Parks and Recreation Director Monica Conrad.

She says, “I think the biggest asset we have in Beaumont is the proximity to so many things. Beaumont is really a community within a community. There is a grocery store, gym, retail, an amphitheater, parks and great restaurants all within our neighborhood. Plus, it’s just a short drive to other amenities like the airport and Keeneland.”

She serves on a variety of boards including the Salvation Army of the Bluegrass, Natalie’s Sisters, and Her Knight Dance. A “day in the life” of a council member keeps her busy. She says, “Council meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which means lots of meetings and meetings before and after the meetings. As my kids say, ‘why are you always in a meeting?’ I spend lots of time in the district following up on calls, emails or issues from constituents. Whether I’m in the grocery, park or school, it’s easy to catch up with those who love this community like I do and want to share their ideas or thoughts.”

The neighborhood is perfect for her family. She says, “I love to be active, so I enjoy running on the trails and working out at the YMCA in Beaumont. Todd and I have two amazing kids (Mays and Annabeth) and two crazy dogs, so my life doesn’t have a dull moment!”It has its lighter moments too. When she first ran for Council, she recalls, “my oldest child was in kindergarten. His entire class insisted on voting for ‘Mays’ mommy,’ and in their minds it might as well have been for President.”

Councilmember Bledsoe at the Southland Street Fair.

Bledsoe says, “The growth in the district has been substantial. We’ve seen plenty of infill all around us with new housing and business establishments popping up. This is a testament to how much people want to live and work in the area,” but she acknowledges that brings challenges for the neighborhood as well. “The increase in traffic congestion from this growth, as well as the added traffic from a workforce that commutes into the city from surrounding counties, has really put a strain on our infrastructure.”

She says, “All across Lexington, I hear the same kind of concerns about traffic, infrastructure and safety as well as the desire for positive amenities like green space, parks and neighborhood events. Lexington is a growing city, and with this growth, it’s important to continue to work to enhance the quality of life in each of our neighborhoods and the city as a whole. Lexington will thrive best when the neighborhoods across the entire city are thriving.”

As a council member, Bledsoe is focused on initiatives like increasing accessibility and communication in the district, creating a more citizen-friendly government, increasing efficiencies in services and improving strong fiscal health, and providing innovative ways for the community to grow and prosper.

Bledsoe says, “My favorite thing about the neighborhood is the greenspace. In Beaumont, you’re never far from a park or walking trail, and whether you are playing ball at Cardinal Run Park, running along the Beaumont trails, or taking the kids to Harrods Hill Park, there’s no lack of things to do outside. This helps create a wonderful sense of community and enhances the quality of life in the neighborhood.”

If you would like to be connected to your neighborhood association, or would like to start a neighborhood association, please feel free to reach out to Councilmember Bledsoe’s office. She says, “Getting involved in your neighborhood association is the most effective way to have an impact on your neighborhood. To stay in the know, I would encourage everyone to follow the 10th District Facebook page and my monthly newsletter.”


10th District: email abledsoe@lexingtonky.gov

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