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Meet real estate’s Kentucky farm girl, Cathy Davis


Southern Charm

Meet real estate’s Kentucky farm girl, Cathy Davis

“Southern hospitality is so important to me,” says Lexington realtor and farm girl Cathy Davis, “I used to own a bed and breakfast, and hundreds of people from all over the world came to stay with us. I think that really sparked my love of showing people around the area and making them feel at home in Kentucky.”

Davis grew up surrounded by family farmland, riding horses, and enjoying the great outdoors. She’s channeled her childhood experience not only into her work as a realtor, but also into her role as a wife and mother. Davis has “four kids and seven grandchildren!” adding, “My life really revolves around them and our family activities.”

As for real estate, she says, “I think my niche is the farms. I know land, grasses, I know the areas in central Kentucky.” She describes a perfect day for her that would include “walking, seeing the sunrise,” and “loading up the car and taking clients on the back roads of Kentucky,” adding, “It’s so fulfilling hearing them say how beautiful the country is out here.”

Today she remains surrounded by farmland at home, residing only a mile from Keeneland Race Course with her husband, Gary.

With Lexington being the Horse Capital of the World, it’s no wonder there’s a whole niche of bluegrass real estate dedicated to selling farms. Davis has found the southwest Lexington area perfect for accommodating this passion. She says, “A lot of young people want a little piece of land to get away from the city — just to find a place where they can relax and be outside in nature, with all the benefits of small family farms.”

After the roller coaster that was 2020, she says, “Nobody can predict the real estate market, but housing for senior citizens is still a growing market trend, especially communal fourplexes. There are some really cool projects here where maintenance is being taken care of and the houses are just beautiful. The resurgence of the older neighborhoods in Lexington is also really great to see —I think we’re going to continue to see those areas improved in the coming years.” She continues, “There are a lot of great homes in Southwest Lexington. Grasmere and Stonewall are great neighborhoods, with older well-built homes and large lots in Stonewall.”

For more than two decades, and more to come, Davis has enjoyed getting to know her clients and trying to find that perfect place for them to call home. The children of her clients are now coming to her to help them buy their own home, and it is moments like these that remind her of why she began this career in the first place.

She says, “I like the challenge of finding a home for my buyers — often they’ll tell me their basic desires, and just need a little more exploration to find what they’re really looking for. It’s my job to make sure they’re happy with their purchase and that it’s going to be an amazing home for them.”

Contact Cathy Davis at 859.806.9444 or cathy@movetolex.com


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