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Meet the Team at Lexington’s Beaumont Family Dentistry

Dr. Trish Takacs


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Meet the Team at Lexington’s Beaumont Family Dentistry

Many Beaumont neighbors still remember when Dr. Patricia Takacs opened her first office—one room with two employees—in the Clays Mill area in 1984. Seven years later she upgraded to a bigger facility in Stonewall, before opening a professional suite in what was destined to become Lexington’s booming Beaumont area. The move took a tremendous leap of faith, but Dr. Takacs explains, “It’s all about understanding the growth of certain areas and neighborhoods. If new developments are popping up that will have good grade schools and high schools, that makes it a logical business decision…The first move to Beaumont provided a strong learning curve, but we had a strong patient flow by then and I realized I didn’t want anyone else to jump on this unique opportunity.”

Over the years, Beaumont Family Dentistry has served thousands of patients of all ages with a focus on patient care and comfort. In a chapter she wrote for the bestselling anthology A Cup of Coffee With My Dentist, Dr. Takacs describes the experience she strives to give patients as one “that exceeds their expectations in every area of contact.”

She emphasizes the importance of ensuring that her patients are always comfortable and anxiety-free. Patients often say it’s more like visiting a spa than a dental practice, where they enjoy hand-massage, paraffin waxes, headsets, blankets, and a popular coffee bar with freshly-made cookies.

Dr. Takacs says, “The most rewarding part of being a dentist and doing dentistry is seeing the impact we have on patient’s lives, on how just changing their smile a little bit gives them the self-esteem to go on and perhaps get a job, get a better job, find a partner, things like that,” adding, “I want people to see us as the place they want to go when they need superior dental care in a unique and warm environment. We take care of our patients as we would expect to be taken care of as patients.”

Pictured left to right: Dr. Danielle O’Brian, Dr. Turner O’Brian, Dr. Kyle Golibersuch, Dr. Patricia Takacs, Dr. Ryan Golibersuch, Dr. Jill Miller, Dr. Dustin Mayrand, and Dr. Erica Higginbotham.

With eight doctors and over 100 years of combined dental experience, Beaumont Family Dentistry provides premium dental care services under one roof in three convenient locations. Dr. Takacs works alongside her two children, Dr. Ryan Golibersuch and Dr. Kyle Golibersuch. The most recent additions to the dental team are husband and wife duo, Dr. Danielle O’Brian and Dr. Turner O’Brian. The rest of the team includes Dr. Erica Higginbotham, Dr. Dustin Mayrand, and Dr. Jill Miller.

All eight doctors in the practice graduated from UK’s College of Dentistry. Dr. Miller started out as a patient of Dr. Takacs when she was five, worked in the office as a dental assistant while in high school, and joined the team at Beaumont Family Dentistry after graduating from UK’s College of Dentistry.

Beaumont Family Dentistry offers the latest technology for everything from cleaning teeth to repairing a tooth with a dental crown. The group also specializes in TMJ and Sleep Apnea. More premium dental services include Sedation Dentistry, Dental Implants, Implant Supported Dentures, Invisalign, Fastbraces, Dental Veneers, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentistry (treating patients of all ages from 1 and up), Same Day Dental Crowns, Root Canals, Extractions, and more.



Dr. Trish Takacs was destined to be a dentist, and she’s dedicated her career to changing lives right here in the neighborhood.

Her grandfather was a dentist and even after she moved from Indiana to West Virginia she’d visit him for a teeth cleaning, adding, “No pun intended, but all of this made a strong impression.”

She continues, “I wanted to be a dentist because my grandfather was a dentist.” She remembers fondly, “I’d go with him on Saturdays, go to the treasure chest, which was the most awesome part of going to the dentist to me. It was always, to me, that was my path in life.”

Dr. Takacs has been in Beaumont for over 30 years, and her son, Dr. Ryan Golibersuch along with her daughter, Dr. Kyle Golibersuch, are both dentists in the practice. Even Dr. Takacs’ mother, lovingly known by everyone as the “cookie lady,” works in the front office.

“I feel my greatest accomplishment is that I have been able to instill the fact that I love what I do, in my children,” she says. “I wasn’t trying to inspire them to follow in my footsteps, but clearly they saw my passion and it touched them, without me even knowing it at the time.

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