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Welcome to the Beaumont Guide 2022

The goal of the annual Beaumont Guide is to celebrate the very Best of Southwest Lexington and our adjacent neighborhoods through Jessamine County . Our mission is to open a daily dialogue — within families, with friends, within the community — about all the ways we can help our neighborhood grow responsibly, while preserving its unique character in the heart of horse country, and all the things that make it special.

From Southland Drive, an early Lexington suburb, all the way through Jessamine County and developments like Equestrian Woods and Champions Trace, there’s something for everyone, from small business owners to major developers.  Southwest Lexington is one of the most beautiful, established communities in central Kentucky.

It’s a perfect place to raise a family, but it offers just as many opportunities for seniors to enjoy their golden years.

To the west, there’s Keeneland and the airport; in the middle, there’s world class healthcare, and beautiful developments like Firebrook, Beaumont Reserve, and so much more. Lexington Clinic recently built and celebrated an all-new facility.

As with most of Lexington, multiple districts call southwest Lexington home.

The 10th district includes active neighborhood associations like Beaumont, Firebrook, Deerfield, Dogwood Trace, Southland Park, Harrods Hill, Harrodsview, Hill N Dale, Lexington Oaks, Mitchell Avenue, Palomar Hills Community, Palomar Townhomes, Plantation, Rosemill, Southland Association, Cave Hill, and Clement Heights.

Schools in the tenth district include Dunbar High School, Beaumont Middle School, Rosa Parks Elementary School, and Clays Mill Elementary School.

Private schools are also easily accessible from our neighborhood, including nearby Lexington Catholic and The Lexington School.

The 10th district also has six public parks: Dogwood Trace Park, Harrods Hill Park, Cardinal Run North Park, Hill N Dale Park, Beaumont Park, and Southland Park.

And don’t forget Moondance!

The 11th district is sandwiched between downtown, Keeneland, the airport, and the University of Kentucky. Four elementary schools and one high school are located within the 11th district. Two of Lextran’s most popular bus routes run along Versailles Road and Red Mile Road.

The Village Branch Library is located in the District, and is in the process of major growth and reimagining.

There are eight parks, six of which touch the Wolf Run Watershed.

Our neighborhood offers everything from fine dining to local retail and some of the city’s finest recreation options.

Whether you want to get your real estate feet wet in a starter home, or raise your family in a beautiful estate, and then retire just around the corner at one of our beautiful senior communities, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Best of Southwest Lexington 2022!

We extend a very special thank you to all of the advertisers, sponsors, and partners who enable us to publish and mail this beautiful annual resource at absolutely no charge to readers. We encourage you to support their amazing businesses and organizations and the strong work they do in this community.

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