Home Dining What happened to Brasabana?

What happened to Brasabana?

What happened to Brasabana?

Did Brasabana close?

Brasabana off Lane Allen is closed, Lexington Diner to take its place

What used to be a hidden cuban gem tucked away on Lane Allen Road is in the process of  transforming into Lexington Diner’s new home. Last month, Brasabana announced it would close and Lexington Diner would take over the location.

Owned by Chef Jeremy Ashby, Brasabana brought a Cuban cuisine with a Caribbean flair-think plantains and slow braised pork-to Lexington. After four years, Brasabana shared on Facebook that it was closing to make room for another Lexington favorite.

Karin West, owner of Lexington Diner, had been interested in moving locations for awhile now. With her landlord’s strict restriction on selling liquor, she was looking for a larger space on the south side of town where she could sell alcohol and develop the diner. After West spoke with Chef Ashby, they realized they shared a mutual opportunity. Lexington Diner is now part of the Azur Food Group family.

As far as word of Brasabana goes, Chef Ashby claims the restaurant might re-emerge in a new location in the future.


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